As we are receiving more and more inquiries regarding various rentals, we would like to ask you to answer the following questions in your inquiries. This will enable us to answer you more quickly and pass on further information. Please send your inquiries to

No private inquiries until further notice!

Who are you? (Institution, group, private person...)

What kind of event should take place?(workshop, lecture, concert, etc.)

When is the event planned? (date + time of start and end)

Where should the event take place? (hall, pub, seminar room, garden)

How will the rooms be used and what will happen at the event in terms of content?

How many people will be attending the event and how many
people are expected?

Is catering required?

Should there be a bar with drinks and/or coffee?

Should anything else be provided from the Subbotnik? (Beamer, screen,
technology etc.)

What is the budget for the event? Is there any funding available?