Intervention area 2025

Chemnitz is the Capital of Culture and we want a slice of the cake - that's why we applied for funding to build a new "intervention space" and won!

And we have a lot planned: A large open-air stage with multifunctional features is to be built on the space behind our site, a former sports field. Designed by an artist from Halle, this stage is not just an elevation, but a work of art in itself - many different surfaces, movable modules and a 360° viewable area. This creates a wide range of possible uses for this area and there are no limits to your imagination. Whether theater, school choir, concert or parkour - it's your stage!

But that's not all - the rest of the green space should also be used in the best possible way and in a spirit of solidarity. To this end, separate working groups have collected ideas and are working on their implementation.