As often as possible, we try to offer artists and musicians from different genres a stage and promote Saxon subculture in Chemnitz. It goes without saying that we do not allow bands with sexist, racist and anti-Semitic lyrics or views to perform.

We don't have a permanent concert crew yet, but it would be more than desirable for us! Would you like to join us, are you familiar with technology and would you like to help shape the music scene in Chemnitz? Get in touch with us by e-mail!

Intervention area 2025

Chemnitz is the Capital of Culture and we want a slice of the cake - that's why we applied for funding to build a new "intervention space" and won!

And we have a lot planned: A large open-air stage with multifunctional features is to be built on the space behind our site, a former sports field. Designed by an artist from Halle, this stage is not just an elevation, but a work of art in itself - many different surfaces, movable modules and a 360° viewable area. This creates a wide range of possible uses for this area and there are no limits to your imagination. Whether theater, school choir, concert or parkour - it's your stage!

But that's not all - the rest of the green space should also be used in the best possible way and in a spirit of solidarity. To this end, separate working groups have collected ideas and are working on their implementation.


Several times a year, you can take part in various workshops at Subbotnik - free of charge! We try to cover as wide a range of interests as possible - from online security to instrument building and sound engineering.

Are you interested in organizing a workshop? Please contact us by e-mail!

Next Dates:


The SoKü - the heart of the Subbotnik!

In many European cities, SoKüs (also known as Küfas, Küffas, VoKüs, etc.) provide the basic culinary supplies for the left-wing movement and subversive subculture.

Our basic idea is to offer an emancipatory space in which we ALL, guests and co-creators, actively work out our own rules of living together again and again. For us, this means providing a socio-cultural space for exchange and networking, strengthening DIY ideas and offering freedom for individual self-realization. For this to succeed, we havehave opted for a low-threshold approach approach, dthat offers everyone the opportunity to participate in social life and culture, regardless of their budget. This approach includes, for example, free concerts, lectures, films and vegan food. We want a low-hierarchynon-hierarchical space that is free of racism, homophobia, sexism and discrimination, where we can ALL develop and participate freely. For us, this represents a structural basis on which we can ALL build our participation.

Dhis place is intended for self-administration and self-organization, where there is no separation between guests and "staff". We want thats over time, we want more and more people who eat here to also cook or stand at the bar, so that the space can really become a kind of collective property and free space that everyone can help shape on an equal footing.

We want a space that is open to everyone, regardless of whether they have money or not, regardless of what other forms of domination they are subject to. Here we want to break with all this discrimination and make plans for the liberation of society as a whole from all this crap. All visitors are actors and designers of the space and the Sokü is the sum of all participants.

The Sokü includes various areas from cleaning, ordering, shopping, cooking, bar, booking to administration, which are all on a voluntary basis are carried out on a voluntary basis.

Get involved! Get involved! Food is important! SoKü is important!

The technology consultation hour

An association of various people who hobbyistically deal with alternative with alternative operating systems for laptops and phones, encryption of phones, hard disks and phones, hard disks and laptops, data backup and data recovery and secure communication.

We would like to promote responsible handling of your data. We also offer the repair of small household appliances or tools.

We can work with you on your concerns, as well as solve the problems for you.

What do we do?
- Set up secure communication options for telephones, laptops and e-mails.e-mail contact
- Problem solving for operating systems such as Linux or the mobile and encrypted encrypted operating system Tails
- Introduction to working with Linux and Tails

- Setting up Google-free phones with an alternative operating system

- Data backup and data recovery

- Repair of common household appliances (kettle, washing machine, etc.)
- Repair of tools (drills, Dremel etc.)

E-mail: (PGP on request)
Signal and Telegram: +49 151 68738369
Via our Telegram channel "Techniksupport KMS" you will regularly receive interesting
articles on the subject of data protection if you subscribe

The canteen festival

The Kantine is a theory festival that has been focusing on the life and work of political thinkers for a week every year since 2018. After the "Marx", "Luxemburg", "Benjamin" and "de Pizan" editions, the "Gramsci" canteen will follow from August 1 to 7, 2022.

The event is a cooperation between WkB e. V. and Subbotnik e. V. It will take place at Subbotnik in Chemnitz.

If you are interested in helping with the organization and content of the canteen, simply get in touch using the contact form on the homepage.

Feminist Library

Here you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in feminist theory, struggles, topics and perspectives. Whether you need to pass the time until your friends show up at Subbotnik or you want to browse a little over a waffle to supplement your specific research: our still very small but broad selection of books, magazines and booklets is at your disposal. The idea of the library was born in exchange rounds and is still being developed and expanded. Of course, this does not happen in dubious back rooms: we would be delighted if you would like to support us in this. do you still have books on your shelf that you would rather see in collective hands?
Do you have acquisition suggestions?
Would you like to get involved with lending systems?
Are you passionate about crafts and like to build fancy bookshelves or similar?
Would you like to take a book home with you and finish reading it there in peace? Then get in touch at: