Soli kitchen

Every Wednesday from 8pm there's food at Subbotnik - for and with EVERYONE!

vegan. no nation. no border. no sexism. no racism. no antisemitism.

In many European cities, SoKüs (also known as Küfas, VoKüs, etc.) provide basic culinary services for left-wing movements and subversive subcultures. The Wednesday Sokü was the first regular event at Subbotnik. It thus forms the heart of the gathering of different people here and the starting point for the development of the cultural program in and around the Subbotnik:
Every Wednesday, people meet here as part of a low-threshold approach that offers everyone the opportunity to participate in social life and culture, regardless of their budget. This approach includes, for example, free concerts, lectures, films, vegan food for a donation and cheap drinks.

The Sokü is a place of self-administration and self-organization, where there is no separation between guests and "staff". We can actively develop our own rules of coexistence here again and again. So everyone is always invited to help cook or stand behind the bar, so that the place can become a free space in collective ownership.

join in - but how?

The Vokü includes a wide variety of areas and we are always happy to receive support with: Cleaning, ordering, shopping, cooking, bar, booking and administration.
Practical? come along on Wednesdays from 16.00 and chop directly with us/go shopping... Come shortly before 20.00 and hand out food directly or talk to us at the counter.