Room rental

One of our main tasks is to provide premises and infrastructure under certain conditions. Our main focus is on clubs, initiatives and political groups; private parties are of secondary importance.

The rooms listed below can be made available to you, under certain conditions our kitchen can also be used, but this requires an introduction.

Do you need a room for your next plenary session or plenty of space for an initiative bazaar? Write us an e-mail and make sure to provide as much information as possible in a short and concise manner.


The great hall

Large window front with curtains
Parquet floor
Flexible stage
Numerous tables & chairs
On request: flipchart, projector & screen
Direct connection to the café counter (events in combination with the café are possible)

The seminar room

Simple furnishings and therefore very versatile
Sufficient chairs & tables available
On request: flipchart, projector & screen

The pub

Pub counter and bar with beer tap available
Bar stools as well as tables and chairs available
Direct connection to the table football room
Retro-style furnishings
Cozy atmosphere

Rental prices by arrangement.

How to rent?

You want to plan a celebration or hold your club meeting and are still looking for premises? You are welcome to ask us! At Subbotnik there are several rooms that can be used, as well as a bar and technical equipment for concerts or other live performances! How much rent we charge depends on the room and how much money you have available.

Send your request with as much information as possible to

are you? (Institution, group, private person...)

What kind of event should take place?(workshop, lecture, concert, etc.)

When is the event planned?(Date + time of start and end)

Where should the event take place? (hall, pub, seminar room, garden)

How will the rooms be used and what should happen at the event in terms of content?

How many people will attend the event and how many people are expected?

Is catering required?

Should there be a bar with drinks and/or coffee?

Should anything else be provided by the Subbotnik? (projector, screen, technology etc.)

What is the budget for the event? Is there any funding available?

Do you have any special requirements for financing?

What is your billing address?