The technology consultation hour

An association of various people who hobbyistically deal with alternative with alternative operating systems for laptops and phones, encryption of phones, hard disks and phones, hard disks and laptops, data backup and data recovery and secure communication.

We would like to promote responsible handling of your data. We also offer the repair of small household appliances or tools.

We can work with you on your concerns, as well as solve the problems for you.

What do we do?
- Set up secure communication options for telephones, laptops and e-mails.e-mail contact
- Problem solving for operating systems such as Linux or the mobile and encrypted encrypted operating system Tails
- Introduction to working with Linux and Tails

- Setting up Google-free phones with an alternative operating system

- Data backup and data recovery

- Repair of common household appliances (kettle, washing machine, etc.)
- Repair of tools (drills, Dremel etc.)

E-mail: (PGP on request)
Signal and Telegram: +49 151 68738369
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