Feminist Library

Here you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in feminist theory, struggles, topics and perspectives. Whether you need to pass the time until your friends show up at Subbotnik or you want to browse a little over a waffle to supplement your specific research: our still very small but broad selection of books, magazines and booklets is at your disposal. The idea of the library was born in exchange rounds and is still being developed and expanded. Of course, this does not happen in dubious back rooms: we would be delighted if you would like to support us in this. do you still have books on your shelf that you would rather see in collective hands?
Do you have acquisition suggestions?
Would you like to get involved with lending systems?
Are you passionate about crafts and like to build fancy bookshelves or similar?
Would you like to take a book home with you and finish reading it there in peace? Then get in touch at: fembibc@lists.riseup.net