Opening of Sub Terra Studio on 11.04.2024

Opening of Sub Terra Studio on 11.04.2024

🔨🎨 Discover the Sub Terra Studio - our open workshop! 🎨🔨

From 11.04.2024, the Sub Terra Studio will open its doors to all creative minds every Thursday from 13:00 to 19:00 at Subbotnik! 🌍🔧

Our studio, located underground, is a place where magic seems to happen in secret but is accessible to all. We offer a bug-friendly atmosphere and a place full of charm so you can realize your projects with depth and substance. ✨

During our opening hours, a contact person is always available to give you a brief introduction and help and advice. No previous experience required! 🙌

Our offers:
🔩 Metalworking: Drilling, grinding, bending, cutting and joining with drill press, angle grinder, vices, metal band saw and various welding machines and much more.
🪵 Woodworking: drilling, sanding, sawing, oiling and varnishing with cordless screwdriver, random orbital sander, foxtail, wood glue, linseed oil varnish and much more.
🎨 Screen printing: DIY screen printing on textiles - prior registration required!
🚲 Bicycle workshop: Wrench on your bike with our basic set of tools.

Contact us:

You are welcome to register in advance by email or simply drop by during our opening hours. You can find more information on our website:

Let your creativity run wild in the Sub Terra Studio - we look forward to seeing you! 🌟

Job advertisement

Job advertisement

Job advertisement Klinke e.V. in cooperation with
Subbotnik e.V. - Social worker
Social pedagogical specialist in the field of open child and youth work in the district
Bernsdorf for the Klinke e.V. in the sociocultural center Querbeet, in cooperation with the
sociocultural center - Subbotnik e.V. is to be filled.
Both locations and associations are socio-cultural centers in the Bernsdorf district, which is visited by all
generations. We want to make it possible to be a place where everyone feels comfortable

All info:

Download the vacancy: Job advertisement as PDF


Subbotnik Festival🦤🎉

Subbotnik Festival🦤🎉

Attention friends of the Subbotnik!

For some years now, the Subbotnik has been simmering with the ideato organize our own festival to celebrate us and you. As everyone knows, the 8th birthday is the best time for this... Or something like that. Be that as it may - the time has come:

You are cordially invited to dance on 08. and 09.09, musicvegan munchies, fancy drinks and other fringe events on the grounds of the Subbotnik. Some highlights are already fixed:

For the ears:
What We Are Looking For
Aureole of Ash

Join in:
Screaming-workshop "Scream your heart out"
Mass karaoke and Goldsprint
-> Mass really is the name of the game here! So oil up your throats!

Stay tuned, more highlights to follow....

...rumor has it: something to do with the Tatra railroad.


Our Tatra track should be a training ground!
Pieces will not stay on the track forever and we do not tolerate threats or other violence towards other sprayers!
Please do not spray the front!
We ask you to accept and respect new Pieces!
We also refer to our self-image!

Invitation to the residents' meeting

Invitation to the residents' meeting

In February 2022, thanks to your help, we won the tender for the intervention area. Since then, we have been in talks with you and, together with the Citizens' Platform, have entered into negotiations with the city. Now we want to invite you to a new dialog to inform you as residents, stakeholders and visitors about the current status. We want to make reorganizations and deviations from the original spatial and thus also content-related concept transparent and get together to discuss your opinions and needs. We also want to discuss the next steps together with Bürgerplattform Mitte and you as citizens.
Come to our citizens' assembly on 23.06.2023 at Subbotnik e.V. on Vettersstraße 34a in the large hall from 4 pm. The meeting is scheduled for a maximum of 2.5 hours.
We hope for an open and honest exchange with each other.
Your Subbotnik. 🦤♥️
Canteen SABOT: July 31 - August 06, 2023

Canteen SABOT: July 31 - August 06, 2023

This year's KANTINE deals with the theory and history of anarchism and thus moves into new realms!

We are looking forward to a week full of input, discussion and partying!

For more information on content and program items, as well as catering and possible childcare, visit the homepage.