Subbotnik Festival🦤🎉

Subbotnik Festival🦤🎉

Attention friends of the Subbotnik!

For some years now, the Subbotnik has been simmering with the ideato organize our own festival to celebrate us and you. As everyone knows, the 8th birthday is the best time for this... Or something like that. Be that as it may - the time has come:

You are cordially invited to dance on 08. and 09.09, musicvegan munchies, fancy drinks and other fringe events on the grounds of the Subbotnik. Some highlights are already fixed:

For the ears:
What We Are Looking For
Aureole of Ash

Join in:
Screaming-workshop "Scream your heart out"
Mass karaoke and Goldsprint
-> Mass really is the name of the game here! So oil up your throats!

Stay tuned, more highlights to follow....

...rumor has it: something to do with the Tatra railroad.