On 03.08.2024 the Subbotnik cordially invites you to the SUBBOTNIK festival. From 3 pm, visitors can get to know various civil society and emancipatory initiatives on our premises. In a relaxed atmosphere with fun and games for young and old, you can find out about the respective work and the associated commitment.
From 5 p.m. onwards, things will get loud at Subbotnik, as we have secured eight great music acts for our festival: The musical program offers a wide range, from rousing garage punk to powerful hip-hop.
Without giving too much away: There may be a little surprise from our lineup in the course of the next few weeks!
Of course, we'll also take care of your physical well-being. The lovely Cookroach crew will support us and spoil you with all kinds of delicious vegan munchies.
There will also be a great fire show by Metanoia Fireshows
After the concerts, we'll round off the evening with some dancing and karaoke.
Come along and celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing you!

German spawn (queer rabble punk)

As a feminist punchline machine ("Emanzenlesbenschlampe", "My cunt, my business" etc.), the Laichen railed extensively against sexism, mackery and cops on their first LP. Their new songs are about racism - within their own environment, the DIY music scene and the left-wing bubble. With the criticism of white structures and the white music scene, which doesn't seem to have another problem with it, both performative solidarity and the white party and feel-good feminism.
Topics that concern us all - ourselves, this event, the Subbotnik, the Chemnitz political & subcultural scene and everything beyond. Thank you, you spawn, for not getting tired of denouncing the grievances and doing so musically powerfully on stage, also with us! We look forward to strong FLINTA and BPoC empowerment!
What does Mary Magdalene hear during sex? DER NEBENWIDERSPRUCH: Disrespectful, queerfeminist tick rap from the East. Aunt Tija and Mx Crowbar have anger for mackers, only scorn for the FDP and with little respect for a consistent structure of rap songs, they dismantle the Bible and binaries.
We admit our lineup has become very punky and Der Nebenwiderspruch stands out a bit musically - but we think that sounds like a lot of fun next to deep lyrics and great beats by @sirmantis! A few months ago, we were also teased unreleased songs - we.can.not.wait! 🪩 
The hatred of patriarchy and capitalism and the love of beer, music and feminism united them from the depths of the Leipzig swamp, made them allies and finally let them form a band(s). I ANGRY! make angry punk, because there's too damn much in the world to be angry about! But instead of swallowing their anger, they'd rather throw it up at our feet... because collective anger is powerful! Now that a new album has recently been announced, we're even more excited that I ANGRY! will be playing with us in August! 🖤

Kommando Brigitte Speer (Punk-Pop
Kommando Brigitte Speer, punk-pop from Los Engelesdorf (L.E.)
After their first appearance at Conne Island in 2020, the enthusiastic trade press already had this to say about Kommando Brigitte Speer: "Hit me baby one more time![...] Astreine[r] Deutschpunk [...]. No irony, just understatement. Bombastic!"
We also search in vain for recordings on the internet on platforms like Bandcamp and co., listen to the short live snippets on the Insta account (yes, the many new calls come from us), carry Britney earworms around with us for days and are amazed that the superstars of KBS make the long journey from L.E. for us...and you 🤩

Lana del pain (Hardcore Pop) 
Lana del Pain from Leipzig have their first gig with us! Exciting!!! Founded in December 2022, they are finally ready to present their hardcore punk interpretations of the best pop songs from Lana to Britney. Lots of drama and pathos included. We've been waiting a long time for this! Based on the exclusive listening experience of absolutely secret rehearsal recordings, we can tell you it's going to get dirty and just shake the neighborhood! Be ready to scream along: I JUST RIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE ⚡️
Who doesn't know it - the annoying male "splainers" in bike stores or DIY stores, the miserable debate about Hartz IV and citizens' benefits, in which those affected by poverty are often blamed for their own poverty. With important lyrics on these and other topics, combined with the driving drums of Andy, the guitar of Patrick, which automatically makes us tap along, and the powerful bass of Sarah, Spacemaus form a lasting sound experience somewhere between German punk, pop and garage. There are also three-part vocals - we love it!
After Spacemaus have already toured with Captain Planet and Turbostaat, we are absolutely delighted that they have remained true to the DIY subculture and that the Spacemaus ship will land on our summer open-air stage. It's going to be great! 🚀
Once you've heard Sittendezernat - you're hooked. Late at night, they give us exactly the damn dirty and snotty banging we were looking for and fortunately found with them - relentless, uncompromising and only forwardss! The cuties from Sittendezernat know their way around Saxony very well (they've even been to us at ❤️) and get worked up about similar topics to us. But listen for yourself - we're really up for it!
The Berlin band Taffee is gothic-queer-garage-punk with no rules, no label, just four peanut flips in a bathtub. They released their last EP Goth Gum on New Year's Eve 2023. The dark, at times melancholic atmosphere is given emotional depth by clear vocals with English and Spanish lyrics. Depending on the song, the dynamic riffs tempt you to sway, jump and pause. One thing is clear - Taffee will make your ears and hearts tremble! 🦇
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