Dear friends,
Unfortunately, we have to tell you that our Sunday café is on shaky ground.
As much as we would like to provide you with latte macchiato at the weekend, it just doesn't pay off
. Winter is forcing us to turn up the heating and unfortunately we can no longer afford
without the corresponding income - which is where you come in!

We want to give the Sunday café a framework and fire up the
coffee machine for the appropriate program in future.

Are you part of a political group or an association, do you enjoy attending and organizing lectures and
readings on exciting topics? You are cordially invited to help shape the Sunday Café
and create a new format for it! Introduce your group or organize a
lecture, music is also possible, as is a poetry slam!
Simply send us your ideas or plans by email to einmietung@subbotnik- or as a message on Instagram/Facebook. We will then help you with the realization
and implementation.
You are also welcome to write to us as a group and fill the Sunday Café with programs at regular

The Sunday cafe will be closing on January 1 and will only open occasionally and with advance notice.

The Wednesday café will continue as before.