We are hiring! Apply for a position in Subbotnik by 15.02.23!

We are hiring! Apply for a position in Subbotnik by 15.02.23!

The Subbotnik e.V. is looking for
A project coordinator (m/f/d) with a focus on public relations
Pay grade based on E9, 50% at the earliest possible date
Application deadline: 15.02.2023
Subbotnik e.V. is a socio-cultural center in the Bernsdorf district that provides infrastructure and
(cultural) offerings for all generations. Our aim is to combine culture with emancipa-
and to promote culture with an emancipatory character. By this we mean (political) self-empowerment.-
empowerment in order to take advantage of individual and social participation opportunities. This
This is synonymous for us with the promotion of personal initiative, social cohesion and the-
cohesion and the assumption of responsibility.


We offer:

  • A young, open-minded team
  • Open ears & Support for your ideas
  • Flexible working hours with the option of working from home
  • Financing of further education and training

Your area of responsibility is:

  • Planning, coordination and implementation of public relations work (print media,
  • website, newsletter and much more)
  • Conception of further levels of public relations
  • Documentation of events
  • Press relations
  • Participation in networking meetings & high-profile events in the
    city events
  • Exchange & Assistance in other areas of project coordination

What you should bring with you:

  • Identification with the self-image of Subbotnik e.V.
  • Personal initiative & independent, flexible work (with willingness to work weekends)
  • Open & friendly demeanor
  • Creativity in the field of design
  • Knowledge & desire for the complex possibilities of social media platforms
  • Safe use of the computer & basic computer skills
  • Very good communication skills & Reflection of own work (style)
  • Readiness & Desire to familiarize yourself with (image editing) programs


  • (Willingness to) engage in the projects & areas of activity of the Subbotnik
  • Knowledge of structures and promotion of cultural work
  • English spoken and written
  • Knowledge of image processing programs
  • Experience in the field of public relations
We expressly welcome applications from non cis-male, white persons. We
would particularly like to encourage people who are affected by multiple lines of marginalization to apply.-
to apply. (Intersectionally affected) FLINTA* will be considered if they are equally qualified.-
are given special consideration.
Application (letter of motivation, CV, relevant attachments) in one PDF by e-mail to
Goodbye Sunday café, hello personal initiative!

Goodbye Sunday café, hello personal initiative!

Dear friends,
Unfortunately, we have to tell you that our Sunday café is on shaky ground.
As much as we would like to provide you with latte macchiato at the weekend, it just doesn't pay off
. Winter is forcing us to turn up the heating and unfortunately we can no longer afford
without the corresponding income - which is where you come in!

We want to give the Sunday café a framework and fire up the
coffee machine for the appropriate program in future.

Are you part of a political group or an association, do you enjoy attending and organizing lectures and
readings on exciting topics? You are cordially invited to help shape the Sunday Café
and create a new format for it! Introduce your group or organize a
lecture, music is also possible, as is a poetry slam!
Simply send us your ideas or plans by email to einmietung@subbotnik-
chemnitz.de or as a message on Instagram/Facebook. We will then help you with the realization
and implementation.
You are also welcome to write to us as a group and fill the Sunday Café with programs at regular

The Sunday cafe will be closing on January 1 and will only open occasionally and with advance notice.

The Wednesday café will continue as before.

How to rent - a guide for your requests!

How to rent - a guide for your requests!

As we are receiving more and more inquiries regarding various rentals, we would like to ask you to answer the following questions in your inquiries. This will enable us to answer you more quickly and pass on further information. Please send your inquiries to einmietung@subbotnik-chemnitz.de

No private inquiries until further notice!

Who are you? (Institution, group, private person...)

What kind of event should take place?(workshop, lecture, concert, etc.)

When is the event planned? (date + time of start and end)

Where should the event take place? (hall, pub, seminar room, garden)

How will the rooms be used and what will happen at the event in terms of content?

How many people will be attending the event and how many
people are expected?

Is catering required?

Should there be a bar with drinks and/or coffee?

Should anything else be provided from the Subbotnik? (Beamer, screen,
technology etc.)

What is the budget for the event? Is there any funding available?

Hey, the dogs! - please stay at home.

Hey, the dogs! - please stay at home.

It's been cold lately, the Subbotnik is filling up and sitting outside is just not
in it anymore - that's why we would like to ask you not to bring your dogs
to the in-house events during the cold winter months, i.e. VoKü, café and concerts.
We are concerned about the four-legged friends as well as the two-legged friends. A cramped space with
a visibly tense or loudly barking dog has an unsettling effect on many people
and restricts everyone's freedom of movement in the Subbotnik, even if said dog
is certainly harmless and super sweet.
We ask for your understanding!
As soon as spring is just around the corner, you are welcome to take your dogs back to our

Open spaces for free culture - an intervention area for the Subbotnik

Open spaces for free culture - an intervention area for the Subbotnik

Dear friends of the Subbotnik,
the Chemnitz Mitte citizens' platform called for ideas for upgrading squares or locations in
their catchment area that are particularly suitable for concerts, performances and other events
. An area that will be used in particular for 2025, but should also remain an important cultural venue beyond that
. We at Subbotnik e.V. took this opportunity to propose the
area behind our club premises - and thanks to your support, the
majority of Chemnitz residents voted in favor of it.
Our approach
The existing outdoor area of the Subbotnik is to be joined by the adjacent former sports field,
to create a multifunctional event space. Ideas for an artistically designed
stage were already buzzing around in our heads as wishes and dreams. However, in keeping with our
socio-cultural approach, we don't want to design the space solely as a subbotnik, but
above all to give potential guests and users the opportunity to let off steam creatively
. To this end, we have been organizing meetings via our reach for several weeks now,
in which young people in particular have been able to participate and contribute their wishes and ideas in a
group process.
An area for everyone - with a simultaneous shelter concept
Many ideas have been merged from the participation process that we initiated: the
multifunctional stage, a dance pavilion, areas for urban gardening, decentralized seating and
barbecue areas, decentralized sports and play areas. All of this will be framed by trees and shrubs.
But that's not all: the area should always remain open to change, be able to pick up on new cultural
trends and thus invite a diverse public to linger and get active.
The aim is to create a space in which amateurs, actors from the cultural, educational and social sectors
as well as professional artists can realize their ideas - festivals, workshops, theater and garden projects,
and much more. - can be realized. The aim is to promote sustainable culture and art in Chemnitz and
The shelter aspect has been explicitly mentioned in the process so far: Voices have been raised that would like to avoid a
further focal point in the city and create a discrimination-sensitive space despite
the public in order to be able to offer marginalized people in particular areas for
We as Subbotnik e.V. would like to take responsibility for this space in order to continue to accompany this
participatory process and to work together with all interested parties to implement
. Above all, it is important to us to enforce the requirement for a
discrimination-sensitive space - provided that we as an association are legally entrusted with the management of the
space. This would also be a great advantage for the low-threshold and coordination of
space usage.
What else is needed?
On Saturday, 18.06.22, from 12:00-15:00 , the official event of the city of Chemnitz for
the citizen* participation in the outdoor area of Subbotnik e.V. will take place. We would be delighted if
as many friends of Subbotnik e.V. as possible would join us and support us in
this process in a spirit of discussion.
Come in large numbers, we look forward to seeing you!
Your Subbotniks.

Open spaces for free culture - an intervention area for the Subbotnik

Intervention area 2025 - We have won!

Intervention area 2025 - We have won!

Dear friends, supporters and interested parties,

We have actually made it and are the winners of the tender for the Intervention Space 2025! In concrete terms, this means that Subbotnik is getting bigger and Chemnitz is getting a new open space!

A large open-air stage with multifunctional features is to be built on the square behind our site, a former sports field. Designed by an artist from Leipzig, this stage is not just an elevation, but a work of art in itself - many different surfaces, movable modules and a 360° viewable area. This creates a variety of possible uses for this area and there are no limits to your imagination. Whether theater, school choir, concert or parkour - it's your stage!

The rest of the property will also serve as open space and will therefore be largely preserved - a large piece of green space between student residences and not far from the city center. A free space for you and your ideas! Whether it's urban gardening, a skate ramp or an outdoor café - there are no limits to your ideas.