Intervention area 2025 - We have won!

Dear friends, supporters and interested parties,

We have actually made it and are the winners of the tender for the Intervention Space 2025! In concrete terms, this means that Subbotnik is getting bigger and Chemnitz is getting a new open space!

A large open-air stage with multifunctional features is to be built on the square behind our site, a former sports field. Designed by an artist from Leipzig, this stage is not just an elevation, but a work of art in itself - many different surfaces, movable modules and a 360° viewable area. This creates a variety of possible uses for this area and there are no limits to your imagination. Whether theater, school choir, concert or parkour - it's your stage!

The rest of the property will also serve as open space and will therefore be largely preserved - a large piece of green space between student residences and not far from the city center. A free space for you and your ideas! Whether it's urban gardening, a skate ramp or an outdoor café - there are no limits to your ideas.